• Question: From what I know, in English Kurofendi and Shirofendi have been translated to 'Potty Prof' (Kuro) and 'Placid Prof' (Shiro). I think the ship name for them is currently Alfendicest, and Justin and Alfendi is just Justin/Alfendi. Hope this helps! - rugiku
  • Answer:

    Hi, thank you for your comment!

    Wow! Thanks, this comment is my help so much!!!! XD

    I’ll write Alfendicest & Justin/Alfendi to my pictures!

  • Question: hello! I have a couple more questions that I do ... then you think that relationship could have Al with Luke, Flora and Emmy? (Ps: hey! Sweetie!'re A fan of the couple Lucifendi?) - darkmary27
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    Hi, thank you for your question!

    Sorry, I’m late about your question’s answer…

    To tell the truth, I haven’t played the game of Prof. Layton Series.

    But, I think, Alfendi doesn’t have the relationship of his father’s friends.

    Because, I think Alfendi dislike his father’s friends and others. :(

    And another question…

    To be frank, I do not like Lucifendi very much.

    But I like Alfendi with Lucy as the boss and the subordinate in Mystery Room. X)

    I love Alfendi + Kurofendi (his another character) so much. :)

    I call this couple name in Japanese, 黒白アル(Kuro-Shiro Al, Black-White Al)

    (If someone knows the name of couple to Alfendi + Kurofendi in English, please tell me it… )

    My pictures was drawn about Alfendi + Kurofendi by me.

    And I like Justin + Alfendi’s couple.

    (Please teach me the name of this couple…!)



I want to play the crossover game: SHERLOCK VS Alfendi Layton of Layton Brothers Mystery Room! X)

Do you like this crossover picture? :D


  • Question: I'm sorry I did not know you did not know who the couple Lucifendi ... - darkmary27
  • Answer:

    Hi, darkmary27!

    That’s no problem, do not be worry! :)

    I think that you give me about your question, so sorry please wait me to answer…:(


Please teach me coupling name of the Mystery Room. :(
What is Lucifendi, and other ????
Sorry, I have poor knowledges in English MR. X(
If you know couple’s name, please teach me about it.


I want to tell you…!

  • Question: drawings alfendi really good! and a drawing of Lucy? - darkmary27
  • Answer:

    Thank you for your question!

    Wow! Thanks! XD

    Yeah, I drew Lucy too.

    Lusy “Potty Prof! Please listen to my reasoning!”


Alfendi “Checkmate!”

      ―=三[ You’re Murderer! >   ♥

Photo Set

jubeat × Layton Brothers Mystery Room (※the jacket of jubeat was traced by me!)

★ jubeat…music game of Japan

These pictures is parody, and unofficial.

1. Sophie Kincade (Diane Makepeace)

2. Alfendi Layton

3. Abbey Marjoram (Dolly Hollerday)

4. Lucy Creila, Abbey Marjoram, Sophie Kincade (Lucy Baker, Dolly Hollerday, Diane Makepeace)

5. Alfendi Layton and Lucy Creila (Lucy Baker)

6. Van Gerard, Belinda Aldis, Giotto Storace (Zach Carrière, Goldie Potsby-Mahn, Roscoe Strapping)

7.Isabella Ferrer (Gloria Blaise)

8. Sophie Kincade (Diane Makepeace)

  • Question: How do you think Alfendi and Hershel interacted with each other? Was their relationship friendly or not? - thewolfthatfellforlittlered
  • Answer:

    Hi, thank you for your question!

    I think that the relationship of Alfendi and Hershel is not friendly. :(

    Because I think Al was taught by his father about English gentleman-ship, but he hates this teaching, maybe.

    And he dislike quests…maybe.
    I think Hershel made his son solve the quest.
    So I think Al and Hershel’s relationship is not good.

    But, if their relationship is so good, I am so happy by this tentative it!